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A freelance doodler and on-the-verge storyteller


In Loving Memory by LiquidyLiquids
In Loving Memory
"Now would you look at that. They were so young."
"Wow. Are those what you call 'trees' and 'grass'?"
"Sure are. This all looks so nostalgic."
"How many years ago was this?"
"Few decades, maybe."
"Can't believe you kept this all this time."
"Well, my great grandpa gave it to me. These are his parents."
"They're so young. Around our age right now."
"Hey... they look... much happier than people around here."
"I bet."
"I'm jealous. I wish we lived in their era."
"Me too."
"The world now... it sure has changed. Hasn't it?"
"It was predicted to be that way. We just have to adapt. Only way to live is to adapt."
"I guess. But at least we have the sky to look at."
"We don't even know if it's fake or not."
"What happened... to this new world."
"New? More like old and dirtied - fake and you can find no organics."
"Yes. Things from plants or animals."
"Plants? Animals? Those seem nice."
"Yes. I bet they were."
"... Hey. Is it too late to change? To change the world."
"I have no hope. But, I guess it's never too late to change."
"I want to change the world."
"I'll help you."
"For the sake of your great grandparents?"
"... for everyone and the future."

Ok woooow I was literally only thinking about writing 3-5 sentences of dialogue but it turned into an entire story 8D... also, this picture wasn't even supposed to be somewhat "sad", so to say, until I wrote "in loving memory" on the golden plate xD;; that took a huge turn of events.

But hey, a little topic to think about? Maybe?

Our world is changing faster than you think.

That is all.
Cozy Warmth by LiquidyLiquids
Cozy Warmth
Old doodle -

It's getting chilly and I'm just excited for autumn weather *^* (even though this was drawn in the winter)

That is all!
I have grown so tired lately.
Both physically and mentally.

I'm drained from knowing too much,
And not knowing any.

I have grown tired of trying.
But that's probably something
I shouldn't stop doing.

But I have grown so tired that lately,
My feelings aren't showing.
So Tired
This isn't anything depressing so no worries. But as I have written, I'm slowly just getting tired of many things.

That is all.
OC Len by LiquidyLiquids
OC Len
Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Helena, but you can call me Len.

Here is a quick drawing of me - sort of. I'm going to classify her as an OC for now. ((I'd probably like to have her hair though, hm))

That is all
So I was walking around this mall somewhat near me and what do I stumble upon? Yes! Very cute stationary! I've always wanted to send lovely heart felt letters to people that are long distanced and to whom I care about and so I really had the urge to buy just 2 of them for now. They were pretty good priced as well haha.

Since I bought them, I immediately remembered my dad also telling me he had left over stamps just lying around. He rarely uses them (only for mailing to companies, etc.) So, of course, I'm like "what the heck! Why not?"

In fact, I do have a true best friend that's dearest to me in my entire life who I haven't actually met physically yet but I've met online and have been kept in contact with for quite sometime? I found that this situation we are in is a perfect time to start something, you know, more treasurable with actual physical items in hand as memories to be cherished by.

Thus, to my dearest best friend, you will be the first out of firsts for my first letter! Oh boy, this will be fun!

I hope that to whomever is reading this may you find a goal in your life that is something worth treasuring and worth while. This is a sort of goal that I made to myself. (until the stamps end up running out and I have to actually buy some myself ;^; ) I sure hope this will last for a few years or so. Or maybe until we actually meet? hmm? That may just be another goal set in mind for the future.
embedded_item1432501958412 by LiquidyLiquids

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maxlake2 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks so much for the :+fav:! :nod:
LiquidyLiquids Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015
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Thank you so much for the fave, I'm glad you like it! :hug:
Please, if you have time, feel free to take a look at
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Thanks and have a nice day! :)
LiquidyLiquids Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015
Oooo okay!! I did read some of your writings and it really has a lot of emotion put into each and every line! I love the style in how you write and the fact that you place so much feeling makes it all the more real. Keep up the great work!
VanePyroRocker Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you so much, dear. I'm glad you like and I really appreciate all these compliments. :hug:
I usually write them when I'm sad (or when I'm ''dying of love'', but this las one doesn't
happen too often XD), so that may be the reason to why they have so much emotion. :P
Thanks again, and yeah, I will keep it up. :D
LiquidyLiquids Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
Aha aw I think writing it out is a great way to vent your feelings. Thank you, as always, to share your feelings to the world 8D
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