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Peaches by LiquidyLiquids
"You know what?"


"... You smell like peaches."


"Fuzzy, heart shaped peaches."


He really likes peaches.

That is all~
OC: Kuomu by LiquidyLiquids
OC: Kuomu
I give up on descriptions

She has monkey ears and messy, thick hair.


Don't worry I'll do another description of her someday.

That is all~
Thursday, February 5, 2015

Report #5 – Planet Earth

My human disguise name is Marinelle. I am not human – I am from the clan of Tenyuu back on my planet billions of light years away from where I currently am. At the moment, I am in a form of a human for this planet’s suitability. I am here on a mission assigned from one of our higher-ups in my home planet, Pluto. My planet consists of mainly water; therefore, my kind can withstand the dangers of underwater activity here on Earth. I was assigned this mission to investigate further life forms of this popular planet. This is not my first time visiting a planet. I have visited Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus to do the same: investigate life forms and see the planet’s stability. So far, neither planet has any visible life forms. Our species are much more intelligent compared to these life forms called “humans”. Because of our high intelligence, we can easily adapt to new languages, customs and so on. This is especially handy for these particular missions, as we need to “fit in” with the planets we visit. Earth is a new planet that many of my species have always wanted to investigate on. Earth is said to have many wondrous traits and activities going on frequently compared to the rest of the planets I have visited to. The “Earth Mission” is not private but many are afraid to meet these “humans”. The reason for being afraid is because there are rumours that humans are believed to give off the worst types of illnesses that are quite deadly. Apparently, they also are dangerous with this sort of planet as they seem to do the opposite effect of "taking care" of this planet. This makes humans live shorter than us – they live for around 80-100 years here in this massive land piece called Canada. I have been living for over 5000 years so far; we age slowly and our physical appearance can change very slowly as well. Judging on how I have lived for 5000 years means that my species are very durable and thick skinned through these illnesses. Poor humans – humans are surprisingly weak, aren’t they?

So far, I have seen most of the human life style. I am reporting currently where the sun is at its peak in their atmosphere. It is quite cold here, even though the sun should bring warmth. Their atmosphere and greenhouse gases do keep them protected, in the least. I had to fit in with the humans as they were all wearing warm, comfortable clothing – most are rather stylish. It seems that this weather is called “Winter”; I read it in our planet’s literature. Of course, before heading to Earth for this mission, we needed to research everything about Earth – how humans live, what do they do, how they function, and overall, their daily lives. So far, everything from the books was correct: their dominant dialect in this landform is called “English”. There are many different cultures in this area: many with different coloured complexion and languages differentiating with English. As I walk around this place, I see humans’ chests elevating. It seems their circulatory system, which includes the lungs from which humans need to breathe in order to survive, are indeed in function. Humans appear to be breathing this invisible substance called “Air”. Air is everywhere, though it is nothing of my interest, as it seems to be rather simple to understand already. Humans need to eat as a part of their daily lives to function properly. They also need to drink water – similar to my home, Pluto, whereas instead of eating solids, we absorb the water around us to function. Though, because I am already accustomed to the air circulation in this planet, I am built to live on.

Although, humans don’t seem to be as dumb as I thought they would be. Humans created these metal like beings that, if I recall, were given the name: “Robots”. It seems that they made these robots to do jobs for them – though I see no greater difference between the two: they are both beings that do work and do specific ideals in order to function properly. Though, humans have something somewhat similar to what robots have that are called “batteries” – humans have “hearts”. Unlike robots, human’s hearts give them what they call “emotion” which is feelings such as love, passion, hate, pain, and sorrow. There was such thing that I do not possess? Even though human’s bodies are very fragile and they need a plentiful supply of constant care – they have had something that my greater species do not have? I have read this many times in the books and yet I can’t simply believe that my species cannot tend to this trait. This is quite interesting, indeed. From little life forms called “infants” or “babies” to intriguing, fully-grown “adults”, humans have encountered such a rare attribute.

In conclusion, planet Earth is, so far, considered the only positive in our reports. Their dominant species, Humans, are now increased in our data supplement. This was a complete success for a first time mission on Earth. I must depart before any suspicion occurs or else my mission will become a failure and all will be lost.

Tenyuu: Marinelle – mission: complete

Further inquiry: invalid
Report #5 - Mission: Planet Earth
I have been into writing short stories for quite some time now. I admit, I am not a total master at these type of things to be honest. I'm into creating ideas for stories but then i end up getting lazy and then I just drop the topic and that is why I have so many untold stories/ideas left to be made!! This is something I had to do, yes /had/ to, for one of my classes and woo I got a very good mark on it surprisingly. 

This is basically just about an alien who is foreign to the planet earth although she has been sent out to other planets beforehand, Earth is something totally new. Marinelle (disguise name for humans) is sent to analyze Earth and report back to her home planet with her newly acquired information and so on and so forth. Yeah, sorry. I'm not so well at summarizing hah.

Hope you enjoy it!

That is all.
Ruffled by LiquidyLiquids
I always go to school literally just not caring about my hair. There are honestly some times where I'd just get up from bed, wash my face, eat, brush my teeth, change, and skip combing my hair. My hair is sorta like when you comb it, it becomes even more untamed and puffy and just ugh.

Usually, on days like those I'd like my hair rather straight when I get up and not spend any time doing it. EMBRASSING THE NATURAL FLOW.

Or you can also just analyze this drawing to be referred by the title - someone ruffled her hair?

(Yay for drawing)

That is all~
Hmm - I guess I'll introduce myself here and whatnot:

My name is Helena and I made a Deviant account 2-3 years back and I never posted anything except last year? I'm typically here to appreciate and admire many people's art and talent and the community here is wonderful! You guys are such great inspirations c: uh I like the elements water and air the most. I am both outgoing and quiet when needed to be. I can make people laugh but I am awkward. I am abnegation and a bit of amity (lol I just finished the book divergent and took the quiz xD) I like reading rofl, but I don't do it all the time as a hobby. I more so play video games and I read manga/watch anime when I want to. I can't think off the bat all my traits but that's a summary of myself.

I chose to finally write myself the first journal entry here because I might as well heh, i recently got back into looking at deviant so hey, why not? Mm how is everyone? (Oh gosh, my awkwardness is showing) anyways- it's nice to be back lol

That is all for now~


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I doodle whenever and wherever - art is fun

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